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Sweet Surrogacy Stories

People find themselves here after very different journeys. I have met couples trying to have their first child, and couples trying to have their 12th. One of my favorite stories is of a set of intended parents who already had five children. But, for whatever reason, they did not feel that their family was complete. Although the intended mother had carried her five boys, a complication with her last delivery meant they would have to use a surrogate for any additional pregnancies.

Being that one of their children has special needs, they decided to have their embryos tested in order to transfer the strongest and most healthy embryos. Like I said before, this couple had five sons. So, when they learned that a by-product of the genetic testing was that they would know the gender of their embryos prior to transfer, they decided to transfer their female embryos first. The transfer was completed, and two perfect female embryos were transferred into their waiting surrogate. And we held our breath...

Fast-forward one year later. I received a call from the intended mother and I could tell that she had been crying. I felt a panic flow over me. "What's wrong?" She replied that she was washing her first load of little pink laundry--and that she was so happy and thankful to have started this journey just one year ago. Pink Laundry! Pink laundry so beautiful that it had brought her to tears! And I completely understood, because I have a daughter too. It is those sweet laundry...that make life through surrogacy so amazing!

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