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Good Surro/Bad Surro

Yes, there are people who do this for the wrong reason. But they don't use our agency.

The truth is you wouldn't commit to this agency, if you all you were interested in was the compensation. This is not a normal agency, this is an agency with the absolute highest expectations of the surrogate. This is an agency who only offers elite surrogates. This is an agency where the surrogates are encouraged and expected to be involved with the group and the other surrogates in their journey. There are much easier agencies to carry for.

My surrogates are women who share in the sisterhood of carrying a surrogate baby. They are fans of each other throughout the process. They provide love and support and solace to this close knit group of girls. We all live in the same community, located close together with the sole purpose of being able to support each other.

Any agency can have surrogates spread all over the United States. And it is much easier to portray yourself as a perfect surrogate if no one in the agency has actually met and spent time with you, right? Those types of agencies match surrogates whom they've never even met with intended parents they do not know well either...and then the agency nudges all of them out of the nest. They either learn to fly, or they fail. Too often, they fail.

Here it is completely different. These are the highest quality surrogates you will ever see. These are women who do not have to carry at all, and will not carry for just anyone. Surrogacy is not something that my girls do, it is who they are. Anyone in the entire world that is in need of a surrogate, would be lucky to be matched with one of our surrogates. You are trusting this woman with your child--she had better be a perfect candidate, and have a great support system. We are literally one of the most established agencies in the Northwest. With over 10 years experience in surrogate affairs, that makes me one of the most educated agents in this genre in the entire Northwest. That is a fact that I am very proud of! What that means is that I will make sure that your surrogate has unparalleled support and the highest quality and standard of medical care.

Yes, there are women who think they want to become a surrogate for the money. But you won't find them here. Carrying for my agency is too much work. My surrogates are all completely invested and interested in having a relationship with the intended parents during the pregnancy and even postpartum. They want to share the journey! Our surrogates are always delighted to receive pictures and updates from the intended parents after the babies are born!

I can very honestly tell you that all of my surrogates are women who feel called to do this. This is the way that they are paying it forward in their lifetimes. They are women who are skilled at carrying a full-term healthy pregnancy. They know that it is a blessing and a gift and that it has a value. They know that this is a skill and privilege that not everyone has--and surely one that we do not take for granted. The best part about being a surrogate is carrying for a family who has wanted and waited so long for this. It feels great to know that there has never been a more wanted or wished for child--and that they will grow up in a warm home filled with love. And that's where they are going to gestate, too!

Like I said before, surrogacy is not just something that we do, it's who we are. I could not be more proud of my surrogates. These girls are rock-stars, and when you meet them, it is so clear. They are women who I am so proud to have as friends. We are the agency of the future. It is the way all surrogacy is headed, it's the way surrogacy should always have been, and it's the way that we have done it for the past 10 years. Other agencies are starting to catch on, but we led the way, and will continue to do so...with the Gift of Surrogacy.

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