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My Two Dads

A decade ago when I started my agency, I never could have imagined the role surrogacy would play in growing same-sex families. It was a few years in before I met my first set of Intended Fathers. We began that journey together with open hearts and open minds--the two things I will never close. We were pioneers of this facet of surrogacy in Idaho! And what a great project to be a part of. <3

I consider myself so lucky to have met that couple--because they are two of the most amazing people I know. They went on to have three babies through surrogacy! I will always consider them personal friends, and continue to celebrate the successes and milestones they reach as fathers and as a family.

Surrogacy has opened so many doors for so many people. And MANY MANY same-sex couples have been led to become parents through those two dads and the Gift of Surrogacy. So many people have benefited because of that partnership. I cannot properly thank them for expanding horizons and spreading love!

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for surrogacy--what new changes we'll see. But, after 10 years in the business, you can bet we will be part of it!

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