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How Do I Get There From Here?

I constantly had people approaching me about surrogacy who were interested in and fascinated by what I was doing. Some of the women whom I had shared my story with even considered becoming surrogates themselves. I felt deeply conflicted because I loved the concept of surrogacy, I loved being an advocate for its success, but there was a problem...

At the time, surrogacy was very unsettled in the state of Idaho. I wasn’t sure where to direct others who wanted to know where to begin. I had kind of fumbled my way through the process. Most lawyers did not want to create surrogate contracts. Most psychologists politely declined to do the evaluations. At that time, people were scared of this alternative method of reproduction. BUT, I knew the benefits! I understood that they feared the unknown, and I believed that if they could be educated—they might reconsider and join in our cause.

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