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So Much Love

It wasn't until my fourth journey that I carried for Intended Fathers. It was a much different experience than I had known before. It was very emotional...there was so much love. I was invited to the gender reveal party and the baby shower--and felt like a guest of honor at both. They allowed me to share in their hopes and fears. They embraced the journey, and me. They bonded with my kids, and welcomed my sisters and girlfriends. I met their extended families and SO MANY of their friends. Their support network was unreal. Even before we became pregnant, their baby was loved by so many! It was clear that I was part of something very special.

That doesn't always happen. It's not for everyone. Plenty of couples are not interested in this level of involvement with their surrogate. But, WOW, what a blessing! I think as a proven surrogate you trust yourself a little more each journey. Maybe your heart is less guarded thanks to the lessons of the past. Combine that with a set of Intended Fathers who came into the process with their hearts wide-open, and you have the perfect storm. A good storm. The type that delivers a 7lb 8oz healthy baby boy.

I felt called to surrogacy. And I know I didn't meet this couple by accident. They were--and continue to be so thoughtful, generous, and appreciative. We were a team, we all had a common goal, and we really trusted each other and the journey. Rarely does a journey lead to fathers that feel like family--but for me, it did. I have so much love for them. It's a choice. A choice that led to what is sure to be a life-long relationship with a beautiful and loving daddy duo! My Super Dads! Aww...and that baby boy? Absolute. Perfection.

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