Surrogate Fees

The Surrogate Fee includes the Transfer Fee, and the Monthly
allowance.  These fees will be paid your Surrogate over the
course of 10 months.    
Expenses that are of no monetary value to the Surrogate     

*Agency Fee of $4500 if IP's already have their own Surrogate
**Sibling Project Agency Fee of $3000 with same Surrogate
***Final Psych Evaluation FDA Required for all Parties

Intended Parent Cost for Surrogate Medical Bills               
All of our Surrogates have Medical Insurance.  Most of their
policies have deductibles of less than $500, coverage at
80/20 or better, out-of-pocket maximums of $1000-$2000,
and discounts for in-network providers.  (All of our Doctors,
Clinics, and Hospitals qualify as "in-network" for Blue
Cross/Blue Shield.)  The average Surrogate's Medical Bills will
total between $1500 and $2500.  All out-of-pocket medical
expenses will be the responsibility of the Intended Parents.    
These amounts do not include clinic charges which will be
billed directly to the Intended Parents.  Clinic charges can
vary widely, but average $17,000-$24,000 for the first cycle.   
The Gray Area
Keep in mind that depending on the specific details of your
Surrogate's pregnancy, the following additional fees may

The Surrogate fee includes a retainer/monthly allowance fee
for ten (10) months.  If you retain the services of your
surrogate in excess of ten (10) months, the monthly
allowance for each additional month will be the responsibility
of the Intended Parent(s).                                                         
We do not have any additional "Hidden Fees," and will always
do our best to save Intended Parents any unnecessary
Surrogate Fee--First-Time Surrogate
Surrogate Fee--Proven Surrogate
Multiple Fee for a Twin Pregnancy
Amnio Compensation Fee
D&C Compensation Fee
Selective Reduction Fee
C-Section Compensation Fee
Loss of Reproductive Organ Fee
Bed Rest Fee
Bed Rest Child Care Fee (SAHM)
Physician Ordered Hospital Bed Rest
Bed Rest Lost Wages Fee
Counseling Sessions (if necessary)
Breast Milk Fee (+ cont'd allowance)
$1 per ounce
Insurance Premium (if coverage loss)
Agency Fee* **
Legal Fees
Final Psych Evaluation***